Longarm Quilting Services

Longarm Quilting 

- We have a $50.00 minimum charge for longarm services.
- There is a $10.00 minimum thread charge on all quilts.
- You may choose to bring your own backing or select from one of ours.

- You may also choose to bring your own batting or purchase it from us. (We reserve the right to refuse your batting( no puffy poly please)


Hand Guided Free Motion Quilting

Level 1 - This is meandering/stippling all over edge to edge. Approximately 1" apart. Ribbons add $20.00.

Level 2 - This is what we call middle of the road . This is an all over edge to edge design example: leaves and vines, leaves vines flowers, or hearts and swirls. 

Level 3 - This is the start of custom quilting. If you want something quilted edge to edge in the quilts center and different design in borders.

Level 4 - This is custom work. Stitching in the ditch individual border or sashing work, individual block work.

Level 5 - Show quilts or thread painting these prices will be discussed in person, by phone, or via the internet.


Computerized Machine Quilting

Level 1- All over edge to edge Meander/Stipple. Pricing $.0125/sq. in.

Add $20.00 for Ribbons.

Level 2 - All over edge to edge designs. Leaves, vines, loops, flowers, water, etc.
Pricing $.025/sq. in.



Don't want to do the binding or add a sleeve let us help you.

- You make and sew the binding on by machine and we will do the handwork for you. Pricing $3.00/foot.

-We make ,sew one side by machine and hand stitch the other. Price $3.50/foot.


Hang Sleeve

- We make the sleeve and attach it to your quilt both sides by hand. Price $3.65/foot.

Other Services We Offer
Custom Quilts - Weather you need a quilt for yourself or a gift . Something special to say I love you, Happy Holidays or a Memory or T Shirt Quilt we will make it happen. Have a budget no problem we can work within your means to help you create a brand new memory.


Want Us to quilt your next quilt?

Print and fill out the form below and send it along with your quilt.

Print Form Here

To: Country Stitchin

516 Venango Ave.

Cambridge Springs, PA 16403


You will receive a phone call when we receive your quilt to discuss your quilt. We will remeasure your top and backing when it arrives. We ask that your batting and backing is at least 8” larger than the quilt top. If you would like to use our batting and backing we will discuss during initial phone call. You will be emailed a copy of the completed contract and all notes per phone consult. You will be responsible for cost of quilting, shipping costs, any taxes that apply, backing, batting, and thread charges. You will have 14 days after you are notified that your quilt is completed to pay in full unless previous arrangements have been made. If the fees are not paid within the 14 day grace period you will be charged a $15.00/week storage fee. We will keep your quilt for 6 months from the date the phone call was made saying your quilt was completed. If all fees are not paid in full we reserve the right to keep or resell your quilt to recover costs.