Fine Blue (water soluble pen)

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You've loved our blue medium marking pens, but sometimes you need a finner line for some projects.... this is the marker you've been waiting for.  It leaves a fine line when drawing your design.  It is perfect for our embroideries and for the delicate quilting designs.  Woo Hoo and the price... no fainting now.

But wait.....this is the exciting part.... I've had one stored in the freezer for over 3 years now and It hasn't dried out yet!  Yes, I did say freezer, why..... to prolong the markers life.  We recommend storing them in a zippered plastic bag rolled up and placed in the freezer.  Before using it bring it to room temperature and your're off for another marking adventure, of course you can use them up, but they won't dry out before you use it up!

Don't forget to order you Blue Line Eraser to remove those marked lines..... no more soaking your project to remove the lines.